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Purple Nurples
Cuz we're practicing to keep that liqour down.
Soulsisters Part II 
21st-May-2007 07:09 pm
Cute - Annoyed Kitty
Title: Soulsisters 2/?
Author: burningsunset
Rating: G
Category: Supernatural, Original
Disclaimer: We dont own it, we're just fangirls! Kripke is the one to worship, DAMNIT!
Summary: The sisters head off. One of them isnt too impressed
Spoilers: Implying spoilers for the S2 finale.

Continuation from Soulsister Part I

She cursed. Kirsten cursed. Violently.

Yet, still, she rushed into the bathroom. She hated it because she knew what she’d come to. The same thing as always. El saw something, and as usually they’d come too late. Kirsten cursed because it was the only thing she could do. She cursed for the bruises she’d have, for the burying they’d have to do. For the running. She’d curse for the look on her sister’s face.

Another one not saved.

And Kirsten would read it. Spelled out for her all over her sister’s face. And she hated her for it. God, did she hate her for it.

Kirsten was 26. She had never seen a ghost before she had turned 24. That day Elena had gotten her first vision. She hated it. Part of her would forever hate El for it. But what choice did she have? El was family! You don't just leave family alone.


She called her sister’s name and then it just went all blurry. Like always.

Black dogs, someone in peril. Oh apparently two in peril. And what the fuck … no Elena, we’re not gonna be able to save them! I suck at this and you’re a bloody philosophy major. The only thing you were ever good with was BOOKS! Books! And I don’t mean the books that help you save people. I mean the books that just tell you how to but suck on the how “Let’s apply this thing” deal.

Kirsten slammed down the gas pedal. She knew how to do that and it was enough for the time being. No she really didn’t know what she was doing and she had no clue about who they were going for. Apparently there was a timeframe. Yay, for the timeframe. This whole thing just sucked out loud.

“El! Where are we going?”

“Saving people?”, her sister’s comment was terse, and her words were a command rather than an answer.

“Like , erm … how?” The fact that Kirsten doubted her little sister didn’t stop her from trying just how far she could slam down that paddle. She was driving, and she drove fast. So, it was El’s car. Who cared? The BMW should have been hers. So Kirsten never went to College! Should have been hers. Screw uncle Aidan! Kirsten had never liked him.

When Elena didn’t reply, Kirsten only sneered. Elena was the kid with laptop, and the family’s money in her bank account. Kirsten only had Elena’s visions. And darn they were coming too frequently these days.

She pulled the car up a few very silent hours later. There was not much that she had managed to get out of her sister during all this time. She had seemed out of it, for all Kirsten knew. No info on wherever they were going. But then again, she was used to it. El would always draw her in. Kirsten was 26. She had not seen her first ghost until she had turned 24, and until this very day … freaked her out! Seriously. But she had went along. And bloody hell did she hate it.

She hated the creapy-ness. She hated all the odd stuff they did! Salt! Seriously what did salt really do? This was insane?! El was insane. In a way. But she was family. You don’t just leave your family alone. Even if they are several worlds of crazy.

Kirsten growled.

“What is it?”

Older sister looked at younger sister and both laughed.

“Gas, El. Now!”

And as her younger sibling got out of the car, Kirsten wondered just what she had seen exactly

To be continued in Soulsister Part III

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